Saturday, March 28, 2009

Digital Discoveries (or is that Interactive Interpretation?)

If you are sick of being abused for not 'getting' the digital space, I suggest visiting this page. Simon Van Wyk has a spray at ad agencies, clients, media folk, the digital industry and ad agencies again.
It suddenly hit me that digital is like a booming goldrush town: theres money and opportunity everywhere but no one is really sure where. People are digging holes that either collapse on them or yield fortunes. Its a fun ride but there is no certainty. There isnt even an industry as such!

After reading this article I felt quite relived that my knowledge was a bit muddled. It turns out that even the experts disagree, sometimes violently.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

With ever evolving environments and technologies, stayed and old fashioned marketers like SVDW will be become less and less relevant. Lts not forget that this is a guy who has more than 60% of his agency with 1 client, very old school.

Yes digital is an exciting landscape and yes there are exciting opportunties in the right places, but fundamentally and critically, its about nurturing the clients you have and getting it right for them in the best ways that thye can capitalise on the space and generate revenue, build brands etc

Its not about doing it because theres a good margin, its about doing it because its right, its fundamental to a company's success and if you get it right both of you benefit, with the client generating more rev's and ultimately chanlleing you back more work..

Get the strategy, creative and execution right - but charge a fair rate for the work and work as part of a wider team to acheive the goals.

Digital is not a bolt on - nor is it a constant - stay ahead of the game and keep learning/evolving.